Holiday makers warned to book cars early

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Car Rental News - Monday, 26th November 2007


A busy holiday season may leave some without cars unless they make their bookings quickly.

This year one car hire company in Britain said it is expecting double the number of bookings for the holiday period. As a result, the company is urging those with travel plans that require rented cars to plan ahead and make their booking soon.

According to figures compiled by, approximately 2.5 million people left the country during the Christmas period last year and even more are expected to do so again this year.

Marketing Director for, Gareth Robinson, said: "The Christmas and New Year period is one of the busiest times for car rental companies, with people traveling across the UK and overseas to visit friends and family."

At the moment, Robinson said, there are still lots of available cars, even during the holiday time. However, he urged renters to act quickly.

"From early December we see a strong increase in demand as travellers finalise their arrangements," he said. "We therefore recommend people book early to secure the car they need, particularly if they have certain requirements such as needing a people carrier or four-wheel drive."

Other research indicates that the most popular cities to hire a car in the UK are London, Dublin, Belfast, Manchester and then Glasgow. Visitors planning to rent cars in those cities during the holidays are therefore advised to secure their bookings quickly.

Overseas Geneva is the most popular city to book a car, followed by Malaga in Spain, Alicante, Tenerife and Faro, the largest city in Portuguese Algarve.

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