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Car Rental News - Friday, 30th November 2007


A new website brings buyers, sellers and advertisers of cars together in one place.

A new website is setting out to change the way Britons buy, sell, lease and hire cars., which went online in November, acts as an internet search engine and price comparison site and also allows sellers and companies to advertise their services online. uses a new system to advertise the cars on their website in an attempt to bring a large number of buyers and sellers and advertisers together in one location.

The Pay-Per-Visitor (PPV) system employed by the website means that any individual or company wishing to sell a car or a contract hire, can advertise for free. They have to pay just one pence for every visitor who clicks to see their offer.

For buyers the website allows visitors to ask questions and compare products side by side.

"Our vision on Wantacar is to unite UK buyers and sellers like never before, through a highly efficient system that's beneficial to everyone," explained founder of Wantacar, Gerard Thatcher. "Pay-Per-Visitor attracts advertisers with fantastic value for money, and attracts customers with the huge choice of competitive offers that it yields."

But what really specializes in is car leasing and contract hire offers. Their searching system is easy to master and quick to give results, linking customers with companies in a matter of seconds. Results are directly linked to advertiser’s websites making it easy to make a booking for the exact vehicle or model desired.

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