Argus shortlisted for Golden Spider

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Car Rental News - Sunday, 2nd December 2007


Argus honoured in Irish awards ceremony

The Golden Spider Awards, presented in Ireland, recognize excellence and innovation in the business world of digital media and the internet, with its countless e-commerce sites. Doing business over the internet has become common place for most of us, and in the travel industry, more and more travellers are making bookings at the end of their research for the best prices for everything from air tickets, hotel rooms and car hire on the net.

Argus is a car hire company that operates extensively through the online platform, and has been shortlisted for a Golden Spider award for the year 2007, in the category of best e-business website. The awards focus on a company's performance in Ireland, but most of the nominees are based globally. Argus has proven its reputation with its reliability and customer service, as well as the quality of the vehicles in their fleet. The Golden Spider awards are gaining credibility and being shortlisted for one is indeed something worthy of celebration.

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