Meditation classes with car hire

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Car Rental News - Tuesday, 22nd January 2008


Hertz to keep its drivers relaxed

Road rage is a worldwide problem. In any big city traffic can sometimes drive otherwise sane and rational people over the edge as the y crawl through gridlock after a bad day at work and an empty stomach. As far as rentals go, usually people are on vacation and away from their daily lives, but this hasn’t deterred Hertz car rental company from trying out a new program; a program that will offer meditation lessons to clients.

For the next eight weeks, randomly selected passengers in the United Arab Emirates will be given the option to participate in meditation courses as part of their car rental. The courses will teach relaxation techniques, as well as highlighting some safe driving tips. Hertz hopes this program will help drivers to stay calm behind the wheel and adopt and maintain safe driving practices.

The initial goal is to offer the course to five clients every month, a course to be taught by expert meditation instructor Hilary Adele. If things go well, we could see courses like this cropping up in other countries as well.

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