Car hire company grows in leaps and bounds

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Car Rental News - Saturday, 26th January 2008


A UK-based car hire firm is expanding into 2008.

Reflex Vehicles Solutions, a car and van hire company spent most of 2007 expanding its operations and looks as if it is set to continue growing throughout 2008 as well. John Collins, the managing director of the firm announced at the end of last year that the company had plans to triple in size over the next three years.

Already Reflex is off to a good start. In 2007, the company doubled the number of its employees and the company’s newest plans call for an additional 50 workers to join the team.

Reflex recently signed a four year contract with UK-based PLC, a contract said to be worth �£5.5 million.

"This is yet another fantastic opportunity for Reflex and further demonstrates the commitment and expertise of the team we have in place," said Mr. Collins. "It is the dedicated work ethic of all of our staff which has secured this major deal and is allowing us to create 50 new jobs. To start 2008 this way is a tremendous achievement and will help us to again exceed our growth plans."

Although Reflex has only been in the market for the last four years, already it has become one of the top ten rental companies in the country. Reflex operates over 6,500 cars including light commercial vehicles.

In addition to expanding the company’s fleet, which started with only 3,000 vehicles in 2007, Mr. Collins is also focused on the expansion of the company’s workforce.

"We have doubled the size of the business this year and doubled profits too, taken staff numbers from 32 to 75, and opened a new branch in Oxfordshire. By 2011, we aim to have 150 staff with most based at our headquarters in Stockton," he said.

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