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Car Rental News - 31/01/2008


A car hire firm in Las Vegas offers exotic offerings

Las Vegas has long held a hold over people as one of the most glitzy and glamorous destinations in the world. From the high notes of Celine Dion to the heights of the Caesar’s Palace, the city is overdone and over the top. So there’s absolutely no reason why a traveler to the City of Sin should be driving a basic compact car and cruising through the streets in drab when they should be racing across the pavement in drag.

Thrifty car rental offers a basic compact car in Las Vegas starting around $18 a day plus tax and while the basic car will certainly get you around, why not take advantage of a vacation in the Vegas to totally splurge?

Rent-a-Vette, (RAV), is a specialist car hire company located close to McCarran International Airport. There are no basic compact cars on their lot. Instead, you can drive away in something far more exotic.

Although you may never own one, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t drive a Lamborghini Gallardo off this lot and cruise with it for a few days. Like the Gallardo, the Ferrari 360 Spider offers a little sport, a lot of spice and costs just $1,495 per day.

On the slightly less pricier end of things, RAV offers a Bentley Continental GT for just $995 a day.

One of their most affordable and popular cars, however is the Corvette convertible that lets you feel the desert wind in your hair for just $295 a day.

RAV’s marketing director, Kealy Marie said: "A lot of people, when they hit big at the table, they come down and rent a Lamborghini or a Ferrari. People want to play the part, the bling-bling fantasy. Also, they can't afford to buy the car."

RAV is happy to let renters play the fantasy. Unlike other rental agencies, the cars have no identifying stickers or license plates, marking it as a rental.

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