Car sharing scheme faces problems

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Car Rental News - 07/02/2008


WizzGo tries to get more customers in Worcester

A car hire scheme designed in order to help reduce congestion on the roads of Worcester is off to a good start but anticipating problems ahead. Two months after the scheme’s launch, the results have only been limited at best.

WhizzGo, the operator of the car club, said that they have had the most success with the city’s businesses. Many local operations are keen to become part of the eco-friendly initiative. Unfortunately, the number of local residents expressing enthusiasm in the project are fewer.

In order to get the word out, WizzGo has been walking the streets of Worcester, talking with people about the benefits of shared cars and the scheme which is supported by Worcestershire County Council and Worcester City Council.

WizzGo already has five small-engine cars available to the members of its car hire club. In addition, the company has ordered two more for the member’s vehicle pool.

Claire Smethurst, the marketing executive for WizzGo, said: "WhizzGo has received a very positive response in the city from both its residents and businesses and member take-up is steadily increasing.

"Our pay-by-the-hour cars reduce emissions and as the membership base grows in 2008 the number of people selling their privately owned vehicles will increase, helping ease the congestion problems in the city."

Worcester is the smallest place where a car club scheme has been tested. The scheme has been popular when introduced in other cities in the country but has never been trialled in a situation like this one.

The WizzGo cars are available to those paying a £25 membership fee and a one time insurance deposit of £125. Anyone with a valid UK driver’s license and who is over the age of 18 can apply to become a WizzGo member.

In order to book a car, members can use the phone or internet from a few minutes before the car is needed to reservations weeks in advance.

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