Speeders face student castigation

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Car Rental News - 14/02/2008


Students clamp down on speeding

If you are planning to hire a car and take a trip around the English countryside, be sure to reduce your speed in Norfolk, as a new anti-speeding program is now in place. Chances are you haven’t encountered a program like this one before; when the police stop offenders, they are given a choice: accept a penalty of 3 points off your licence and a fine, or become subject to the virtuous missives of schoolchildren.

The pupils of Tuckswod Primary School are teaming up with local police to catch speeding motorists who fail to slow down in their school zone. Drivers who have been caught seem to respond to the human touch. "The personal message has quite a high impact on the drivers and they sit up and listen," says Sergeant Graham Dalton. One motorcyclist who took the option of a tête a tête with the kids said, "It made me feel a bit awful when the little kids were talking to me."

One of the students, Stacey commented: "I think most of the drivers took us seriously, especially those with children in the back of the car because they don't want their children to get run over or hurt by a car."

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