Avis customer survey revealed

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Car Rental News - 21/02/2008


A recent survey of Avis customers shows their priorities

A new survey conducted by Avis car hire has illuminated priorities and needs of British car renters when it comes to choosing their rental. Avis clients were asked to respond to a survey indicating where they wanted to see the most improvements made in Avis services. The majority of those who responded to the survey said their most important needs were in making the booking process more transparent, and making the car rental process faster and more efficient. The last element of good car rental for Avis customers was having a lot of choice available.

Avis is using its new “Try Harder” blog to publish the results of the survey which interviewed over 13,000 renters last year. Interviews for the survey took place mainly in the UK but also in locations throughout Europe.

One of the most important needs voiced by renters with Avis was the need for a more choice. Another important aspect for renters was the need for the booking process to become more clear and more easily understandable. Renters said that Avis online booking forms need to clearly indicate the final price of the rental and all the fees required. Renters said that the car hire company must eliminate hidden fees and make all costs easily understandable.

In order to show clients that Avis is listening to their concerns, all branches in Europe and the UK are now working to address the issues brought up in the survey.

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