Avis processes airport rentals in 3 minutes or less

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Car Rental News - 10/03/2008


Airport car rentals in under 3 minutes?

Avis, a popular car rental company, has promised all of its drivers picking up cars at major airports in the UK that their rental will be ready in three minutes or less.

The company previously offered its ‘3 Minute Promise’ only to Preferred members, but is now expanding it to any driver picking up a car at Gatwick, Manchester, Stansted, Glasgow, Birmingham, Bristol or Edinburgh Airport.

At first, only Preferred Members picking up their cars at Heathrow were guaranteed their keys and a printed version of their Rental Agreement within three minutes or less, beginning in January.

According to Avis, the three minutes begins the moment the customer enters the Avis premises. The customer is provided with a stop watch at the beginning of the rental process and if the time exceeds three minutes, that customer will receive a retail voucher worth £20 by mail and an immediate apology.

Avis UK’s commercial director, Daniel McCarthy said that the 3 Minute Promise ensures that every customer gets their rental as fast as possible.

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