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Car Rental News - 13/03/2008


Things to look out for when you pick up your rental

Renting a car should be the most straightforward arrangement in the world, but it can often be confusing. Even when travelers have booked well in advance and reserved their car, they can turn up at the rental agency and find no cars available. In that situation, a number of things may occur and knowing what’s going on could save you a lot of time and trouble later on.

Generally when the rental company does not have the car reserved, it offers a free upgrade to the next class of vehicle. Since larger cars use more petrol and are often awkward for single travelers, this is not always a good option.

In some cases, the rental company will contact another rental company and use one of their cars. In one situation, a renter who had booked a car with Alamo in Ireland was told his car was not available but that he could rent it with Budget. The renter did so and ended up with a bill twice that of what he had expected when he made the original booking.

According to Christopher Elliott, a prominent travel ombudsman with syndicated columns on travel, the rental company is obliged to honor the reservation contract and pay for the difference in price if the car is rented from another firm. However, travelers should always verify to be sure they are getting their originally quoted price before driving away.

In this situation, it is always a good idea to print off your reservation confirmation which clearly states the original price, and keep it handy.

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