Tourists face parking woes at airports

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Car Rental News - 18/03/2008


Alternate airport transportation urged

Holidaymakers that find themselves in North America this week may face some crammed conditions at the airport, and if you’re travelling in your hire car, you may also have a hard time finding a place to park. With the North American spring break holiday upon us, thousands of Americans and Canadians are hitting the road, making major highways busier, and according to the Buffalo Niagara International Airport, finding a parking space at the airport is becoming a problem.

"We are advising people who plan to fly over the next few days to please consider an alternative method of traveling to the airport. Rather than run the risk of not finding a place to park, we are suggesting people be driven to the airport," said Lawrence M. Meckler, executive director of the Naigara Frontier Transportation Authority.

The NFTA, anticipating the rush, obtained 500 offsite spaces, and when there were just too many tourists coming, another 300 were found, and subsequently filled. For travellers, this wek could be the week to take the train.

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