UK car hire site reshuffles for new roll-out

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Car Rental News - 25/03/2008 ready to expand

It has been nothing but a success story for car hire comparison website since it first came into existence, but in face of increased competition and a drive to further expand, the company has shuffled some positions internally and taken on new staff to assure a continued rise in the business.

One key role in the new layout of the company will be seen to by Doug Scott, who takes the role of the Director of Online Strategy, who has the task set out to maintain the company’s online presence while assuring all key target markets are being reached.

As the company looks to its goal of a £23 million turnover by 2009, Gareth Robinson will be at the helm as managing director. He comments, “Since switching to a comparison site at the start of 2007 we’ve seen a three-fold increase in business, and this shows no signs of slowing down. Based on this success we’re rolling out the format to other European countries over the next 12 months. Germany has already launched and is performing well, and with the new corporate structure in place this will support our growth in the UK and beyond.”

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