Competition heats up; car hire rates drop

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Car Rental News - 03/04/2008


Good news for travellers: summer rental rates are down

This summer is a great time for drivers from the UK to explore Europe on their own as competition among car hire companies is heating up and bringing down prices for drivers.

A number of newcomers in the industry are causing major operators to scramble for bookings as each company undercuts the other on their rates and charges.

According to Rory Sexton at Economy Car Hire: “Car hire booked during off-peak periods this year will be subject to some fantastic dates, deals and discounts and anyone who can travel during this time should take full advantage of these offers.

The industry is becoming more expensive at the peak, less expensive in the rest of the year. Plenty of winter rentals are struck around £8 per day.”

The best way to get a good rate on your car hire is to shop around. Many comparison sites allow travellers to compare deals across companies. Occasionally, making a phone call and asking for a better deal can help get some additional discounts.

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