Best Car Finder gets new website

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Car Rental News - 14/04/2008


Car leasing company has new online look

A new website has been launched by Best Car Finder, the UK’s leading car leasing company, which will help customers find the best deal on low cost leases for their car. The website will be beneficial for both businesses and individuals looking to find a car.

Best Car Finder has developed relationships with top car manufacturers such as Audi, BMW, VW, Jaguar and Honda and through those relationships, is able to offer customers a range of vehicles and prices.

Best Car Finder’s service goes beyond leasing. It also includes free nationwide delivery, complementary collection, road tax, fleet terms/discounts. Customers will also benefit from new vehicles which do not need costly repairs in the future.

“Our new website is designed to make it very easy for people to find the perfect vehicle for them,” said Lee Messenger of Best Car Finder. “Therefore we have included an ‘Inspire me’ section making it effortless to find cars to suit any budget. We will also be developing the website further in the coming months and adding more great offers.”

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