Car rental company offers e-mail price alerts

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Car Rental News - 01/05/2008


Rental Car Magic guarentees low prices

A new online car hire service, Rental Car Magic, is offering registered members the chance to be notified of low prices through a targeted email alert. Customers can select the vehicle they are most interested in renting and the alert will let them know when the price for that rental decreases.

Rather than force renters to continue checking websites for the best prices, this service allows clients to receive the most up-to-date information on the lowest available rates for specific cars in most major cities.

According to a spokesperson from Rental Car Magic, the service “works like magic”. Clients receive automated e-mail notification when the price of the car hire requested drops by at least 30 per cent. The alert allows customers to book or rebook their vehicle at the best possible rate.

According to the marketing specialist at Car Magic, Steven Ellis, the price of rentals can fluctuate from day to day. The fluctuation means that renters can get great deals but it also can make it hard to get the best rate without checking daily a variety of websites.

Rental Car Magic is so confident in their services that they offer a guarantee a lower rate than originally booked. The website requires customers to make a booking and upload information about booking to Car Magic. The system will then track the booking and offer e-mail alerts whenever a lower rate is available.

The service costs $14.95 and the company offers a full refund if the car hire rate found is not $15 lower than the price of the original quotation.

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