T5 Touchdown lands at Heathrow

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Car Rental News - 05/05/2008


National Car Rental offers new service at T5

National Car Rental is offering new services for travelers looking to rent cars from Heathrow’s newest terminal building. The service is available to British Airways Executive Club members directly outside the terminal building.

Dubbed the “T5 Touchdown,” the expedited service is designed to be quick, easy and convenient, meeting the needs of business travelers with busy days, as well as leisure travelers looking to get the most out of their time in London.

One of the benefits of the T5 Touchdown service is the ability to walk out of the terminal, and collect a rental vehicle directly at the door. There are no lines and no need to take a shuttle bus to another location to pick up the car. A National agent meets the traveler outside the terminal with the car ready to roll.

In addition to this service, National is also giving customers up to 750 BA Miles each time they hire a vehicle from T5. The number of bonus miles rewarded to a customer for each car hire depends on their membership tier status in the Executive Club program. Gold cardholders are rewarded the maximum benefits whereas Silver card holders will receive 625 miles for each rental and Blue cardholders 500 miles.

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