Hertz Europe offers hourly rentals

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Car Rental News - 19/05/2008


Short-term rentals are now available in Europe from Hertz

In America its very difficult to rent a car by the hour, which is unfortunate for business travelers who are just in town for a few days. Although FlexCar offers such flexible rentals, they don’t have many outlets and they certainly don’t operate from Airports. In Europe, however, Hertz offers hourly rentals.

Hertz outlets in Europe now offer the “Hertz 369” service in over 1,200 cities and airport locations. Locations in Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Spain and the UK will be offering that service.

The service allows customers to rent cars for three, six or nine hours with 100, 200 or 300 complimentary miles respectively.

According to the Hertz Europe website, a Ford Fiesta, or similarly rated vehicle with a manual transmission and no air conditioning is available for nine hours for £43, including taxes. The full day rate for the same car is £45 with unlimited mileage. The only significant difference is a refueling charge added to the daily rate if it is returned with a less than full tank of gas.

Hourly rentals have the benefit of allowing travelers to avoid the expense of hiring cabs, waiting for cabs and trying to flag a cab down in the street.

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