Avis saves trees and cuts paper costs

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Car Rental News - 22/05/2008


Avis will no longer be printing promotional material in order to save trees

Avis Rent A Car is changing their policies in order to become more environmentally friendly. The company has decided to stop printing and distributing customer brochures and attendant marketing materials in an attempt to become more environmentally friendly.

The new policy is expected to save approximately 100 tons of paper every year, or about 1,500 trees annually, and cut the company’s operating costs.

Avis Budget Group’s senior vice president of marketing, Becky Alseth, said: "Avis has always made it a priority to deliver information about our programs and services to our customers in the format that they prefer. In today's wired world, our customers have told us that they want to obtain this information electronically, via Avis.com."

She said: "This presented us with the opportunity to reduce our environmental footprint, which is also very important to Avis customers."

Information about all aspects of Avis is available on the company’s website including data on specials, promotions, rental guides with maps, and weather information, Avis locations, policies and procedures and Avis Programs like the Avis Preferred and Avis business programs.

"In addition to providing all this information in an easy-to-find way, Avis.com also features a very robust search tool that enables customers to simply write in their question, hit enter, and be taken directly to the information they seek," said Alseth. "It's all part of how 'We Try Harder' both to serve our customers, and to be a responsible steward of the environment."

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