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Car Rental News - 12/06/2008


Drivers are advised to research their car agreement before signing

The Institute of Advanced Motoring (IAM) is advising motorists not to leave the details of their car hire arrangements to chance when planning their vacations.

The IAM’s director, Neil Greig, says that too many people are unfamiliar with the details of the arrangements they have made. Many people learn about the fine print of contracts they have signed far too late, and regret not having better informed themselves earlier.

A crucial element of all car hire contracts, according to Mr. Greig, is motor insurance. "You have to check that things like the excess insurance are as you thought they were going to be and you have to make sure you have got the car you think you were going to get," he explained.

Consumer group Which? described renting cars as a minefield for holidaymakers who frequently end up paying far more than expected when hiring vehicles abroad. In many cases, drivers are unaware of exclusions to the motor insurance policy provided by the car hire company and end up paying large amounts to repair windscreen scratches or damage to the vehicles undercarriage.

Drivers who book their car hire online have the luxury of spending time reading the fine print of their car hire arrangement prior to leaving the country.

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