Europcar may change its brand to suit changing market

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Car Rental News - 19/06/2008


To capture a larger market share, Europcar may be re-branding

Europcar is reportedly making a bid at becoming the most prominent car hire firm in the UK and to achieve this goal, the company may be spending millions of pounds to re-launch their brand.

Europcar already offers a fairly significant position in Britain’s car hire market, however the company is still looking to expand. Europcar only recently merged with Alamo Rent-A-Car and National Car Rental and, as a result, now offers 60,000 rental cars from its fleet. Following the mergers, Europcar emerged as the largest car hire company in the UK.

Cationa Lougher is the company’s marketing director and will be in charge of the new branding campaign. Early reports indicate that Europe car is likely to use the new campaign as a way to build a new image, one that fits into the changing nature of the rental market.

Recent changes in the market have brought fuel-efficient cars to the forefront with more and more customers looking to reduce their spending and petrol prices climbing. Customers are also insisting on more flexible car hire contracts which could allow Britons to switch from car ownership to car rental.

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