Travel coverage recommendation issued for over-65s

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Car Rental News - 26/06/2008


Finding travel insurance for senior citizens isn't too difficult

Saga’s new analysis reveals that even 100 year old travellers can find insurance – despite charity Age Concern’s previous figures suggest that only eight per cent of the travel insurance providers in the United Kingdom don’t enforce upper age limits.

The travel insurance company explained that many providers have increased these upper age limits, due to Great Britain’s rising longevity prices - meaning that elderly persons will find it less difficult to take out sufficient cover in future.

Saga Group Communications’ head, Paul Green added: "As Britain’s population ages and physical condition retains healthier for longer we certainly would expect the travel insurers to increase their upper age limits.

"This also due to the travel insurers now having improved systems and a better understanding; the insurance companies are more sophisticated on how they should rate higher ages and include coverage for pre-existing conditions."

Paul Green noted that the oldest traveller he knew of who was able to find a travel insurance policy "was a woman celebrating her 100th birthday".

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