Hybrid vehicles gaining popularity as rental options

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Car Rental News - 14/07/2008


More rental car companies are offering biofuel-powered and hybrid vehicles due to customer demand.

Rental car customers wanting to reduce costs at the gas pump or reduce carbon emissions are finding that they have more choices available now when they need to rent a car.

A number of U.S. cities feature green rental options. Rental car companies in cities such as San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, Washington D.C. and New York are offering suitable options.

Alamo, Enterprise, and National car rental operators are featuring hybrid vehicles from Ford, Saturn, and Toyota; and they’re providing carbon offset options through TerraPass, a company that is focused on reversing the negative effects on the climate that resulting from driving a car.

Hybrid vehicle renters are asked to donate $1.25 each time they rent, which is added to their rental invoice, which TerraPass uses for its emissions-offset projects, such as the production of clean energy from wind, farm animal waste, and methane from landfills.

Hertz will add 3,400 more Toyota Priuses to its fleet by the end of 2008, and reservations for hybrid vehicles will be guaranteed. Avis and Budget will add more Priuses, and Nissan Altima and Ford Escape hybrids as well - with reservations guaranteed.

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