Coscharis Motors and SIXT partner on car rental

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Car Rental News - 21/07/2008


Coscharis Motors has just announced that it will partner with German rental car firm SIXT, to boost tourism and logistic

Dr Cosmas Maduka, chairman of Coscharis Motors, spoke at a press briefing on Friday in Abuja, stating that his company’s partnership with SIXT was secured via the acquisition of a majority of the shares in Virtual Travel Network and in Management Services Limited, the owner of Nigeria’s SIXT franchise.

According to Maduka, the strategy behind the partnership is to make Coscharis the leading mobility service provider in the growing Nigerian and West African markets, delivering car rental and also other mobility services.

He added, ”As a vertically integrated automobile services group, with services spanning premium car distribution, auto-component sales, emerging interests in auto-assembly among others, Coscharis Group seeks to broaden the spectrum and deepen the value derived by the buying public from auto products.”

”The SIXT-Coscharis partnership has been informed by the inherent synergies between the operations of Cosharis Motors and SIXT Nigeria, our German trade links as exclusive importers of BMW vehicles and the German heritage of SIXT A.G, the preeminent car rental and mobility solutions provider in Germany and Austria.”

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