Hertz offers online check in for Australian customers

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Car Rental News - 31/07/2008


Hertz Australia has recently launched a new service for their customers allowing online check-in meant to help reduce th

By taking advantage of the online check-in option, Hertz customers can provide the personal information that’s necessary for a rental contract, in advance, including their name, address, telephone contact numbers and driver’s licence details – well in advance of leaving on their trip.

Once this information has been entered online, the on-site process becomes much more streamlined, minimizing the amount of time it takes for a customer to move from the Hertz check-in counter to behind the wheel of a rental vehicle.

“Waiting time is wasted time,” commented the director of sales and marketing for Hertz Australia, Wayne Burgoyne. “Both business travellers and leisure travellers want to get going as fast as possible to maximise either their working day or their holiday time.”

“By enabling our customers to provide personal details online before they start their journey we can cut the time it takes customers to collect to their cars and help them to get on their way,” he added.

Hertz Australia features more than 220 locations throughout the country.

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