Enterprise offers 50 per cent off on weekend rentals

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Car Rental News - 18/08/2008


Enterprise Rent-A-Car, North America’s largest operator, announced a 50 percent off sale for weekends from August 15.

“We think weekends are meant to be special. So at Enterprise, we’ve made our weekend rates special. It’s another way we pick you up,” commented the vice president of leisure business development for Enterprise, Steve Short.

Enterprise customers are being offered a special 50 percent discount from standard rates when they rent a vehicle from Friday to Monday. The program is featured across the U.S. at most of Enterprise’s 6,000 off-airport locations – all of which are found within 15 miles of 90 percent of the country’s population. This weekend rate special applies to vehicles from economy through full-size and is available most every weekend, although not at airport rental locations.

Short continued, saying: “Our special weekend rates make it easy for cost-conscious motorists to enjoy the security, comfort and reliability of newer model Enterprise rental cars for the weekend, saving wear and tear and mileage on their own vehicles.”

“While the cost of gasoline has caused some customers to request fuel-efficient rental cars, demand has also remained steady for larger vehicles. For example, families traveling on vacation need more space for their luggage and other items. We often refer to the rental car as a ‘virtual car’ because people rent to fill a need that their everyday vehicle can’t meet – whether that’s for more room or fuel efficiency. That’s why we advise people to ‘buy for the need and rent for the exception.’”

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