Edinburgh Airport plans new rental car facility

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Car Rental News - 21/08/2008


Edinburgh Airport will build a £9.5 million car rental centre to meet building international demand.

The new facility will be connected to the main terminal building by a covered walkway that extends for 500 metres.

The design for the new centre is based on a model widely used in the US, in which the operations of all rental car operators are consolidated into one space, as are all shared back-up facilities, such as car washing, valet service and re-fuelling.

Latest numbers show that around 180,000 passengers hire vehicles at Edinburgh Airport annually, and that number is expected to rise to approximately 230,000 by the year 2010.

Edinburgh will be the first UK airport to introduce the consolidated centre concept. Its opening is set for the spring of 2009, and will be located between the airport’s short- and long-stay car parks.

Edinburgh Airport’s managing director, Gordon Dewar, said: "By offering more choice and convenience, a more efficient service and through making use of sustainable design techniques, this project makes sense for our passengers, our business partners and for the environment."

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