Scheme promotes alternative transport around town

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Car Rental News - 22/09/2008


A new Weston-super-Mare project offers guidance on getting around without the car.

Two thousand local households have the opportunity to participate in a new programme that offers personalized assistance in learning new ways to travel throughout the seaside town.

Anyone deciding to take advantage of the service will be contacted by phone and a “travel expert” will provide information on the best way to get around by cycling, walking and taking public transportation.

The new programme is known as “Travelsmart,” and is part of a country-wide scheme that is coordinated by Sustrans, the transport charity group.

A Sustrans spokeswoman, Joanne Flower commented: “Worle has really good transport links and there's a real opportunity for people to change the way they travel. As part of the project we have developed a brand new local travel map that shows all of the walking, cycling and bus routes in Worle.”

The South West of England Regional Development Agency (SWRDA) is providing the necessary funds for the project, and addition support is also being provided by the North Somerset Council.

SWRDA’s Pat Steward added: “Congestion currently costs the local economy £350m per year and this is expected to increase to £600m by 2016 - and that's not counting the severe damage to the environment. So anything that gets cars off the road will help to generate a more sustainable economy and to unlock the area's business potential.”

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