Airline on time performance improves in US

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Car Rental News - 06/10/2008


The average on-time performance among U.S. airlines improved in August, when compared with the same month in 2007.

On Thursday, the Department of Transportation (DOT) reported that JetBlue Airways came in with the worst on-time performance for the month, and that Hawaiian Airlines performed the best.

The Bureau of Transportation Statistics of the DOT indicated that 19 carriers reported their on-time performance for the month, and that the overall rate for on-time arrivals was at 78.4 percent for August, up from the 71.7 percent reported in August of 2007, and from the 75.7 percent reported this past July.

The statistics bureau noted that in August the airlines cancelled 1.6 percent of scheduled domestic flights, overall, which was down from the 1.9 percent reported for August of last year, and the 1.7 percent reported for July of this year.

The percentage of mishandled bags was lower for the month of August, at 4.98 per 1,000, than it was the previous August, when the rate was significantly higher, at 7.58 per 1,000. August’s rate was higher than that in July of this year, however, when the number of mishandled bags reported was 4.86 per 1,000 passengers.

Passenger complaints decreased during August as well. The DOT reported 1,006 complaints from customers about airlines in August, which was lower by 38.7 percent than the 1,639 complaints received the same month last year. The number was eight percent lower than the complaints registered in July of this year, which totaled 1,093.

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