Tobago tourist attacks deal blow to Caribbean tourism

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Car Rental News - 27/10/2008


The attack on two English tourists in Tobago last week is expected to impact island tourism.

The attack and rape of the two women at knifepoint was carried out in front of their husbands at a guesthouse in Black Rock guesthouse early in the morning hours.

One week before, a couple from Sweden was murdered on the island, and hotel operators are very concerned that holidaymakers will choose to stay away as the peak season nears.

“These brutal attacks on visitors will definitely have an adverse affect on tourism,” stressed Carol Ann Birchwood-James, who is president of Tobago’s Hotel Association. She said that after the murder of the Swedish couple, cancellations at their villa in Bon Accord began. Normally, up to 60,000 tourists from the UK visit Trinidad and Tobago.

The Foreign Office has cautioned tourists considering renting villas in the south-west part of Tobago, advising visitors to choose hotels with strict security, including external lighting and 24-hour guards.

“You should be aware that there are high levels of violent crime, especially shootings and kidnappings,” the warning by the British Foreign Office states. “British nationals have been victims of violent attacks, particularly in Tobago where law enforcement is weak.”

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