Luxury sports car rental in Singapore

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Car Rental News - 01/12/2008


A businessman from Russia has opened the island nation’s first luxury sports car rental operation.

Pavel Zotov launched his company, Luxe Car Rental, offering high-performance sports cars at high-end daily rates ranging from $688 to $2,788.

Currently, he is featuring four models, including three convertibles and one coupe. The convertibles are a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder, Maserati Spyder and Porsche Boxster S, and the coupe is a Porsche Carrera 911 S.

From early in 2009, a Ferrari F430 will also be on offer, according to Zotov, who plans of reaching a total of 10 cars. He said that the timing of the other acquisitions "depends on the market."

"It is a bit soft now," he admitted. Zotov won’t say how much he has invested in the business so far, and he is the sole owner of Luxe Car Rental. It is estimated that the vehicle cost will be at least $5 million by the time the fleet has reached 10 cars. So far, only the Porsche 911 was bought new. The other three are less than three years old, however.

According to Zotov, he opened the specialty rental company in early November to address an unmet need. In the US and Europe, exotic rentals are more common, but this type of business hasn’t existed in Singapore.

"We are the only professionally operated luxury sports cars rental provider in Singapore," he added. "No one has done it before although it is actually a simple formula."

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