Children follow Santa around the world online

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Car Rental News - 25/12/2008


Millions will be able to watch Santa’s progress online and on their mobile phones.

As Santa and his reindeer make their annual round-the-world voyage this Christmas, thanks to satellite and radar technology millions of children worldwide will be able to follow his progress as he delivers gifts to children everywhere.

NORAD, the North American Aerospace Defense Command, located in the U.S. state of Colorado, is the organization responsible for defending the US and Canada from an incoming nuclear attack. It claims that its high-tech defense system can also track Santa’s whereabouts. In fact, NORAD has been ‘tracking’ Santa for over 50 years, and says that it has the people, the technology and the experience to do it best.

Their website, ‘NORAD tracks Santa,’ has received more than a billion hits over the years, as excited children in countries around the world check out Santa’s progress as he delivers Christmas gifts around the planet.

This year ‘Santa cams’ have been added so that visitors to the site can see images captured as the man with the white beard zips by. Google is also involved, having added its mapping technology to the site, and providing an analysis of Santa’s latest location.

Last year alone, as many as 10 million people, from more than 200 countries, visited the NORAD site.

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