Rental cars seized by Dubai police

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Car Rental News - 29/01/2009


Police seized 12 rental cars from companies ignoring fines for traffic violations.

The head of a new team set up by the Dubai Traffic Department, Captain Saeed Mubarak Al Subusi, said that his group was tasked with inspecting local rental car offices to locate vehicles belonging to companies that had failed to pay fines for traffic violations, after repeated warnings.

Al Subusi noted that the owners of rental car operations had been warned by the Traffic Department to pay the outstanding fines or to face legal action by the Department. The consequences would include suspending their transactions with the Traffic Department and the seizing of all their rental vehicles.

Captain Al Subusi reported that his team monitored the rental car offices and followed the movements of their cars before launching the inspections. He noted that several of the companies were attempting to hide their vehicles by parking them in areas well away from their operations or places that were hard to reach.

The police captain said that these same operators were coming up with other means to hide the vehicles from the Traffic Department, such as removing the number plates, but that all their attempts had failed.

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