Cost of car rental may rise this summer

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Car Rental News - 05/02/2009


A UK car hire company warns that it could be more costly for consumers to hire a car during peak periods.

In addition, the company has said that holidaymakers might find rental cars harder to come by during the peak summer season, as the economic crisis has forced many operators to reduce the size of their fleets.

UK-based Economy Car Hire added that many fleets would be reduced by an average of 30 per cent as the busiest rental period of the year approaches, and that this move is likely to increase daily rental charges to consumers.

Economy Car Hire’s managing director, Rory Sexton, calls the move a knock-on effect from a drop in the numbers of new vehicles produced and the major decrease in new car sales.

“Every year we have problems with availability at peak times, and this year it will be much worse - car hire prices will definitely increase,” Sexton added.

This will add more financial pressure to UK holidaymakers who are planning to visit the continent this year, as the drop of the pound against the euro is already making family holidays more expensive within the eurozone.

A number of leading car hire companies have reported that economic conditions are presenting a range of challenges to their industry.

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