Avis to charge fee for not cancelling reservation

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Car Rental News - 09/04/2009


The rental car company has revealed that it will begin to levy a fee for “no shows”.

Avis Europe will be the first in the rental car industry to impose the fee, and company executives say that it will bring car rentals in line with cruises, flights, hotels and tours, in this regard.

Customers who neglect to cancel their reservation before the allocated pick up time – or who do not turn up at the rental counter within 24 hours of the reservation – will be charged a £40 fee.

In order to secure the reservation, Avis will begin to require a valid form of payment at the time bookings are made.

The company will introduce the change across its European network this year, beginning with bookings made by individuals online or through the Avis Europe call centre.

Wolfgang Neumann, the rental car company’s commercial director, said: “We are taking this action to improve vehicle availability for our customers, particularly during peak season, and to use our fleet more cost effectively.”

He added: “Charges for cancelling a rental booking are 100% avoidable if customers think ahead and that’s something we believe this measure will encourage them to do. It is also a fairer system for customers who diligently collect their cars and simply echoes standard practices across the rest of the travel industry.”

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