Sky high temper tantrums

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Car Rental News - 04/05/2009


Violence and verbal abuse on aeroplanes are on the rise

Many people like to relax with a drink or two, and with alcohol being complementary on many flights, it is only natural that people should want to indulge. However, recently reports have shown that alcohol is a catalyst for most incidents of ‘air rage’.

UK citizens are among the worst offenders of this phenomenon, with 2,702 violent or disruptive incidents on planes recorded by police in the year 2007/2008. In the first three months of this year alone there have been nearly ten incidents a week, totaling in 52 arrests.

In response to the rising figures, Sussex Police have launched a crackdown at Gatwick airport to try to control the problem. The police are working closely with various airport businesses to try to highlight the causes of air rage and stamp them out.

Although alcohol is seen as a catalyst, there are many other factors that lose people to lose their temper such as tiredness, feeling confined and bored.

Dr Graham Lucas, a psychiatrist who has treated people involved with air rage said in a BBC interview: "Inevitably it is delay. People become frustrated - [ask] why am I being searched and you got through without any trouble?”

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