Mexico reduces alert on swine flu

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Car Rental News - 07/05/2009


Normality is slowly returning to Mexico after the swine flu outbreak.

Mexico this week has started to lower the alert level in the country after the deadly swine flu outbreak, which started earlier this year. Mexico has reported almost 600 confirmed cases since the start of the outbreak with 25 deaths directly relating to swine flu and a further possible 2,000 cases worldwide with the US reporting around a quarter of them.

Health authorities in Mexico lowered the alert on Monday morning stating they would start to allow nonessential businesses to reopen beginning with restaurants and bars on Wednesday and other public places like museums and churches on Thursday.

Carnival Cruise Lines said they are extending the imposed ban on their ships to the 15th June from entering Mexican ports.

No new deaths have occurred since Wednesday of last week and new cases of swine flu are falling in the region. “I am optimistic about these findings,” said Mexican health secretary Jose Angel Cordova, about the fact that only 802 cases were found in 2,150 sample tests. He went to say that the outbreak was no worse than seasonal flu which kills tens of thousands of Mexicans each year.

Experts are likening the outbreak to the 1918 Spanish Flu which was thought to be under control in the spring but became deadly by the autumn.

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