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Car Rental News - 14/05/2009


Avis give away free car rentals to small business owners.

In a bid to help their customers through the current economic crisis, Avis has decided to give away free car rentals to their customers travelling abroad worth around 175,000 pounds. The firm wants to help “back Britain” by offering “preferential rental services to those who need it most – when they need it most”, said Anthony Ainsworth, Avis’s sales director.

The free car rentals are available to small and medium sized companies along the same lines as British Airways, who are giving away 15 million pounds worth of free business class flights to the same target customer. “Companies looking to expand abroad will be keen to explore how this opportunity could help them develop their business,” said Richard Lambert, director general of the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) to the Daily Mail.

Avis are said to be “delighted” with joining the scheme and are now working out the finer details with the UK Trade and Investment (UKTI). All businesses that qualify for the scheme will have to apply through UKTI for their free car rentals but before that that must have already qualified for the free flights on offer by British Airways. All applications will have to be made online and the most likely contenders to be successful in receiving the freebies are companies with less than 250 staff.

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