America’s very own Wacky Races

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Car Rental News - 25/05/2009


People in the USA celebrate with a number of unusual races

Fans of the 70s cartoon series Wacky Races should catch the next flight to the USA to witness the real thing in action. Major cities up and down the country will be holding races to celebrate Memorial Day, with thousands of people taking to the streets to watch and join in the fun.

Never seen a giant fire-breathing aluminium dragon racing though the city streets? Then you’ve simply got to head to California, where this was just one of the weird and wonderful entrants in last year’s Kinetic Grand Championship. Teams of people climb aboard elaborate sculptures during this three day race and use pure pedal power to cover 42 miles of road, sand and water.

Thousands of spectators turn up each year to watch these usual sculptures take to the roads. Some of the most memorable entries in recent years include a psychedelically painted hippo and a large picnic basket.

Or perhaps you prefer to travel to Indiana to watch a bunch of lawnmowers race through the streets or pancake races in Kansas. It seems that there’s no end to the creative imagination of North Americans when it comes to competitions.

If you can’t make it in time for Memorial Day, make sure you book a flight to Newry in Maine in time to watch the wife carrying competition on October 10th. Now that should be worth the journey alone.

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