Cornwall the place to be seen this summer

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Car Rental News - 04/06/2009


This summer a third of Brits will be heading to Cornwall for their holidays.

A recent survey carried out by Travelodge of 3,300 Britons has found that only 27% are planning a foreign holiday, this down from 33% last year. Out of those that are opting for a UK holiday a massive 40% said they will be heading for the Cornish pastie county for their summer break.

Cornwall is holding its status as the number one holiday place ahead of the Lake District, Yorkshire Dales and the Scottish Highlands. “This year the resorts and destinations of the UK will be jam packed with British tourists. It is also clear that people are looking to have an affordable break, cutting back on how much they are looking to spend when compared to the summer of 2008,” said Paul Harvey, managing director of Travelodge.

On average the Brits holidaying this year will be planning to spend £64 less than in 2008, with an estimated cost of £567 for their summer trip. Accommodation is expected to be the biggest cost, closely followed by attractions and eating out.

With the predicted hot summer this year Britain should be blooming with tourists, a lot from the UK, and it will do wonders for the local economies. As long as tour operators do not increase their prices because of high demand, it is going to be thriving summer in the UK.

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