Sun bathing instead of skiing for Brits in 2009

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Car Rental News - 11/06/2009


Brits having to choose between winter and summer holidays this year are opting for summer.

A recent survey revealed that around 65% of Britons would sacrifice their annual skiing holiday if it meant that they could not relax on the beach this summer. This sounds like good news for all the summer holiday hot spots, but winter season 2009/10 may see a decrease in holiday bookings.

However, 85% said that if they could still book their annual skiing trip they would do so, as it is very important to them. Travel companies have already acknowledged this trend is likely to hit them this winter and have reduced the number of chalets and rooms on their books. A market leader in France has cut its chalets by a fifth due to the growing concern.

With fewer spaces being offered to tourists this coming winter season the best deals are going to be found on early bird bookings. Holiday makers wanting to go skiing in peak season times are expected to be paying 15% more than the same holiday last year.

With the pound slowly clawing back against the US dollar, America is again looking like a value for money destination for skiers this winter. Brits flocked to the US last year as the dollar fell and you could get two dollars for just one pound.

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