European driving holidays cheaper in 2009

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Car Rental News - 13/07/2009


Lower fuel prices on the continent make self-drive breaks less costly this year.

Thanks to significant drops in the price of diesel and unleaded petrol, British tourists will find European driving holidays as much as one-third cheaper this year.

The recent strengthening of the pound against the euro means that diesel, on average, is costing up to 32 per cent less than last summer, and unleaded petrol is averaging around 12 per cent less, according to new Post Office figures.

Car rental rates are also down, in some cases by as much as one-third, as operators attempt to lure customers, the Post Office report noted.

The report showed diesel to be a better value than unleaded petrol in all 12 countries, excepting Britain. Austria reported the lowest prices for diesel, at 83p per litre, down by18p from last year.

Prices in Spain and Sweden were under 90p a litre, which was 40 pence less than last summer’s prices. Norway and Britain had the highest diesel prices, even though the average price in those countries fell by around 20p.

Unleaded petrol prices continued to vary by country, with the highest prices found in Belgium and the Netherlands, which were nearly one-third higher than in Spain or Austria.

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