Advice offered on renting cars abroad

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Car Rental News - 16/07/2009


Britons are being advised to research their holiday destination before renting a car abroad.

The Backpackers Ultimate Guide (BUG) issued the advice after learning from an RAC report that as many as one-third of Britons travelling to the continent this summer intend to drive, and that many of them will hire a car.

It was learned in the RAC study that more than a third of the motorists polled were not aware of what they should do if involved in an accident abroad. Just one-third of the study’s participants knew the phone number for emergency services on the continent.

The study showed that 10 per cent of British motorists have been involved in a car accident abroad in the past; and that 12 per cent have experienced a car breakdown.

Many motorists polled believed that petrol was cheaper on the continent, when in fact the price of unleaded petrol is higher in the four major destinations for UK holidaymakers: Belgium, France, Germany and Italy.

Diesel, however, is cheaper in those countries, with prices in Spain the lowest - about 25 per cent lower than the UK. The lower diesel price would mean a savings of up to €60 on an average trip.

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