Lotus Elise hire cars offered by Hertz in Italy

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Car Rental News - 03/08/2009


Serious car lovers can now rent a car that will take on the windy roads of Italy’s countryside.

In particular, sports car enthusiasts will find that they can hire a vehicle that will make driving on the country’s class B roads a delight. Hertz’s latest addition to its European fleet is far removed from the fanciest Fiat that is typically the most exciting offering at airport rental counters throughout the country.

The rental car giant has introduced Lotus Elise SCs to its rental fleet in Italy. The high-performance sports car is part of the Hertz Italiana Fun Collection, and is easy to spot sporting the traditional yellow Hertz exterior and also the company-branded interior trim.

For some time now, the company has made sports car available in the US, including the Corvette ZHZ and the Shelby Mustang GT-H, but the addition of the Lotus Elise SC to the Italian rental fleet is the first time that Hertz has offered a sports car in Europe.

Although the cost of the rental won’t be cheap, driving enthusiasts wouldn’t expect it to be. Hiring one of Hertz’s Elise SCs is one of the easiest to enjoyed Italy’s roadways behind the wheel of a proper sports car – without actually buying one.

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