Hertz introducing before and after photos

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Car Rental News - 20/08/2009


The hire car giant will document the condition of its cars before and after rental periods.

Over the last month, Hertz Rent A Car has been taking high-resolution photographs of its vehicles before they go out on rental and then again when they are returned by a customer, at an undisclosed rental location. Cameras take multiple high-resolution photos of the vehicles, which show all of a car’s scratches and dents.

The rental car company is hoping to reduce losses due to damage and also to improve customer relations – both important at a time that the industry is feeling the pinch of the recession.

Richard Broome, the vice-president of communications and corporate affairs at Hertz, said that the rental operator was hoping to use the photos to reduce the amount of damage payments the company incurred each year. The payments average $170 million annually, he noted.

With the help of new system, high-resolution photographs of rental cars would be taken before they are sent out with a customer, and then again when they are returned, to show any damage that might be a customer’s responsibility. According to Broome: “It will speed up the rental process and help to avoid any disputes over damage. Sometimes we may get into disputes with consumers that don’t get resolved.”

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