British tourists hit by high car hire rates

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Car Rental News - 27/08/2009


Rental car customers are paying more in Europe due to a surge in last-minute holidays.

A shortage of vehicles is making the problem for holidaymakers even worse.

In some destinations, the rental car situation is so bad that holidaymakers are cancelling their trips rather than being without a car.

Michel Taride, the president of Hertz Europe, said to Sky News: “Every summer there is a seasonal shortage of rental cars,” adding: “We are buying additional fleet and keeping and maintaining cars for a longer period of time to accommodate the increase in demand.”

Spain is experiencing the most severe shortage in vehicles, and some rental car customers are finding they have to pay double the normal rates to hire a car this summer, as compared with last year.

Other popular destinations that are seeing a vehicle shortage include Italy, France and some parts of the UK.

At the popular Spanish resort of Malaga, the cheapest car for rent currently available is running £365 for a week, if booked online with Avis Europe.

For those in need of a small people carrier, such as a Volkswagen Touran, the price rises to almost £850 per week.

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