Europcar boosts green credentials with Fiat

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Car Rental News - 07/09/2009


The hire car company is teaming up with Fiat to offer cars with lower carbon emissions.

Fiat has established a reputation for making cars with low environmental impact. In fact the Fiat 500, emitting only 110 g/km, is one of the lowest-impact vehicles on the market. In addition, the Fiat Panda releases only 113 g/km of carbon dioxide.

Europcar has made changes to its website, now making it possible for environmentally-conscious consumers to compare the green credentials of the various cars on offer before making a decision of which type to book.

The rental car company’s global marketing director, Jehan de The, said that the added feature on the website was part of Europcar’s policy of continuously offering eco-solutions to its customers. He noted that the company considers it a priority to offer consumers a fleet of vehicles that create the minimum amount of impact on the environment.

Europcar is a leader in green solutions in the car hire industry. It was recognized in 2008 for its work, by being the first rental car company in Europe to receive the Green Charter by Bureau Veritas for its efforts and initiatives in lowering carbon emissions throughout its fleet.

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