City installing electric car charging points

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Car Rental News - 10/09/2009


Recharging points for plug-in cars will be installed across Glasgow as part of a national network.

The Scottish city was selected to join the £11 million Joined-Cities Plan that would see an infrastructure built throughout the UK to support both electric and hybrid vehicles, with the ultimate objective of encouraging consumers to purchase electric cars in the future.

According to the provisions of the plan, it is envisioned that recharging points would be available in all points of the city beginning in 2011.

Irfan Rabbani, a city councilor and the executive member for sustainability and the environment, commented: “Glasgow is set to become a leader in driving environmental change through the development of electric vehicles and the infrastructure needed to make these vehicles a real option.”

He went on to say: “The technologies we hope to bring to the city and the new ground we hope to break with our partners, as part of the Joined-Cities network, are about creating a successful and sustainable future for Glasgow.”

The Energy Technologies Institute (ETI), which is a partnership that includes the UK government and the private energy firms, BP, Eon and Shell, is heading up the Joined-Cities plan.

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