England fans warned about high crime levels in SA

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Car Rental News - 15/09/2009


Foreign Office issues travel advisory for World Cup travel

England's crushing 5-1 victory over Croatia has sealed its place in the World Cup, and English fans are expected to turn out in strength, to support their team's bid.

With England fans already scrambling to make travel arrangements for the World Cup in South Africa, the United Kingdom has issued travel advice asking them to be wary of the relatively high rates of crime in that country.

Besides the usual cautions like the need for travellers to make sure they have comprehensive health insurance, the government has also warned football fans about personal security issues.

“There is a relatively high level of crime in South African cities, as in all large cities. Passport theft is common so be aware and make sure you keep copies of your passport and documents separately in case they are stolen,” says the UK Government's Foreign Office.

Travellers are also warned that carjacking is rampant both in cities and around airports. The foreign Office says the local police recommend that tourists do not try to resist, if they find themselves in such a situation. The Office also stresses that driving standards in South Africa are different than those in the UK, and advises people who plan on driving to take out comprehensive insurance.

England fans hoping to follow their team's World Cup progress in South Africa have been advised to book their accommodation in advance, as many hotels and guest houses have already been fully booked.

Football fans have also been asked to be wary of websites claiming to offer match tickets. They have been advised to book tickets only from agents officially accredited by Fifa.

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