XL Airways to launch Paris to Las Vegas services

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Car Rental News - 25/09/2009


French charter carrier will add another European link to Las Vegas

XL Airways, the Paris-based charter carrier will begin a twice-weekly direct service between Paris and Las Vegas next year. The charter company will begin offering scheduled charter flights between the two cities.

L’Echo Touristique, the leading French tourism trade publication reports that the service is expected to begin next summer, and will offer twice-a-week connections from the McCarran International Airport.

XL Airways also provides summer links between Paris and New York's JFK International Airport.

The new connection will add yet another European destination to the links already offered from Las Vegas city.

Condor connects Las Vegas to Frankfurt in Germany, while a nonstop link to London's Gatwick Airport is provided by Virgin Atlantic.

Even though Las Vegas is a popular destination for travellers from the UK, not many flights connect the UK directly to its airport. British travellers often have to fly through Frankfurt to find connections to Las Vegas. However, London's Heathrow Airport will soon be connected to the McCarran International Airport, when British Airways commences its daily direct flights between London and Las Vegas next month.

With so many connections to Europe, the McCarran International Airport looks to slated to welcome an increase in passengers starting next month.

XL Airways operates a fleet of five airplanes, which include two twin engine, 364-passenger capacity Airbus 330-200 jets. These jets are capable of nonstop long-haul flights, although it is yet to be ascertained whether the next summer's Las Vegas to Paris flights will be nonstop.

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